BraceLock Fabrication

Below are the steps to fabricate a KAFO/AFO with the BraceLock AFO quick disconnect device. 
Instructions in PDF

This video contains a quick overview of how to fabricate a convertible KAFO/AFO using the BraceLock disconnect device.  Below are twelve easy to follow instructions and an another video showing the complete fabrication process.



  1. After the chosen modifications are made, a flat spot is made on the back of the calf, where the top of the lock would align at the apex of calf.
  2. This is your pattern for the lock base.  Make this out of 1/8” polyethylene and use double sided tape then center and attach to box.  Make sure the polyethylene is not smaller than the BraceLock.  (It will create a lock when pulling the KO shell. ) Try to cut as close to the shape of the lock as possible.
  3. Flatten spot on apex of calf where the lock will be placed.  Also add plaster to the mold especially to Pediatrics even if you have to flare modifications to allow box to lay flat.  Make it wider than needed.  Trace with an indelible pencil.  Cut plaster down just outside the box.
  4. Apply nylon to the model (a calf pad is recommended for the lock).
  5. Spray adhesive on nylon that’s over pad and apply the lock with polyethylene attached. Open pins and use black sharpie to color the tips of the pins for fabrication purposes (Close pins all the way in).
  6. Apply second nylon over model and lock. At this time, the AFO section is ready to pull with the lock in place.  Use sharpie on ends of pings to see pins through plastic when grinding down to expose pins.
  7. Pull AFO Section.  Pins are in unlocked position before pull.  Pins are in.
  8. Trim out AFO section and remove from model, expose pin holes by sanding and keeping as flat as possible until the black sharpie marks are gone. Then expose keyhole by sanding flat also.
  9. Reapply AFO section to model, set lock in “locked” (pins out) position and apply 2 nylons over entire length of model.  Cut a hole in nylon over each pin and then add two o-rings to each side.  Apply 2 spacers on each pin then apply caps over the spacers.
  10. Seal off foot section with bag or rubber bladder just above ankle.  Pull KO section as you normally would.  Trim KO section off.  If you do not get a great vacuum it is ok. Just use speedy rivets to hold the caps on.
  11. Refer to photo for suggested trim lines to accommodate straps.


This video contains more detailed information on the entire process for fabricating a KAFO with a BraceLock.