KAFO/AFO BraceLock Product Comparison

Over the past few years, KAFO quick release/disconnect products have been marketed that enable a Knee portion of a KAFO to be removed resulting in an AFO.  While these devices enable quick disconnecting, they also require heavier bracing and beefier external locks resulting in a larger form and a heavier orthotic that requires tuning and adjustments. 

Three Lock Box, Inc. has a patent pending device which can reduce the size of the detachable KAFO while still providing excellent support, flexibility, and design options.  For anyone fabricating or customizing, the KAFO BraceLock can be added to the calf section of an AFO to enable the upper portion of the KO to be fabricated and overlapped on top of the AFO with a BraceLock quick release. With a simple twist of the lock (using a coin as a key), the two fabricated sections can be separated quickly and easily.  No removing braces, no aligning joints, no blind spots.  Simple, easy, lifetime alignment.

Look how the KAFO BraceLock compares to the alternatives:


Three Lock Box


Becker Model 980-HD 

Quick Disconnect


UltraQuick Release 

Seamless Form

No Metal Skeleton x    
Custom Fabricated x x x
Small Form Factor x    
No Tools Required x    
Lightweight x    
No Adjustment Req'd x    
Easy Donn / Doff  x    
 Customer Preference x    
List Price $95 $46 x 2ea = $92 Not sold separately


Easy to fabricate. Easy to donn. Easy to doff. 


Competitive devices currently on the market have proven very difficult and tedious to implement and use because they require precise, simultaneous, three-dimensional alignment of complicated plate members.  Specifically, two plate members must each be separately attached to the orthosis metal bars, and then precisely aligned and connected with corresponding plate members attached to opposite sides of an orthotic supporting member. 

Such alignment and connection of the plate members is in practice very difficult - even for a professional orthotist due - to the misalignment and dimensional variation inherent in custom fabrication, as well as normal flexing and deformation of the metal bars and polymer supporting members.

The patent-pending BraceLock design is simple, lightweight, and easy to use.  It has none of these alignment and adjustment issues - And once installed, your patients will never return asking you to readjust or repair the convertible brace.