BraceLock Detachable KAFO Business Case


Orthotists strive to provide the best possible products for patients and customers by working with therapists, physicians, and insurance providers.  One key area of concern for O&P business managers is – how to do all this while also making a profit.  Let me show you a sample case study on how the KAFO BraceLock helps your business manager meet their goals too…..

Rafael is a small orthotist in a rural Midwestern city with a population of about 40,000 people.  There are a few orthopedic practices and a single regional hospital serving the area.  Like most orthotists, he is working hard to build not only his practice, but also his business and professional reputation. 

Rafael spent year honing this design.  About 6 months ago, he started using the KAFO BraceLock product exclusively.  Change is rarely welcomed, so at first his physicians were slow to adopt the new product but patients were really excited about using the convertible KAFO’s.  Their enthusiasm quickly caught on.  The local therapists and physicians have now quickly realized the benefits of having a convertible KAFO as well.  Through word of mouth and high customer feedback, his business is growing, and his reputation as an innovator and high quality fabricator is growing too.  So let’s look at the details of how his business has changed….

BEFORE using the KAFO BraceLock...

Orthotic Unit Pricing Unit Costs Unit Profit Units/Month Product Mix Total
AFO $1,500 $100 $1,400 20 80% $28,000
KAFO $4,260 $300 $3,960 5 20% $19,800

AFTER using the KAFO BraceLock...

Orthotic Unit Pricing Unit Costs Unit Profit Units/Month Product Mix Total
AFO $1,500 $100 $1,400 10 40% $14,000
KAFO $4,500 $400 $4,100 15 60% $61,500

Rafael improved his Total Profit by 58% a month! 

His overall volume of orthotics did not change, but the mix between AFOs and KAFOs has shifted dramatically.  Before using the BraceLock, 80% of his clients were fitted for an AFO, now that has dropped to only 40%...while KAFOs increased from 20% to 60%!

This also resulted in lower costs for the local companies and insurance providers because there are fewer patients requiring re-fittings / adjustments; secondary orthotics; faster and better rehabilitation; and fewer secondary injuries.  Rafael also sees no return business for adjustments or setups due to the excellent design and installation processes of the KAFO BraceLock.