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A KAFO is usually prescribed when other forms of bracing (such as an AFO ankle-foot orthosis or knee orthosis) are insufficient due to weakness or laxity.  Unlike an AFO, a KAFO can be expected to successfully stabilize weak segments at the ankle and knee, control abnormal involuntary movements, and prevent full leg movement into painful or undesired positions.  The goal of prescribing and using a KAFO varies depending upon who you are - and the BraceLock helps to achieve all of these goals.

  • Patients may simply wish to walk better or gain mobility and independence with the least possible physical intervention due to cosmetic concerns.
  • Orthotists want to provide the patient with a comfortable, versatile, well-fitting brace.
  • Therapists desire safe functional independence in the activities of daily living.
  • Physicians focus on preventing deterioration of a medical condition or reducing risk of injury
  • All of these goals should be integrated so that everyone is satisfied with the outcome – especially the patient who determines compliance based on their satisfaction with the finished orthosis. 


        The basic BraceLock                                    BraceLock in a finished KAFO


  1. Patient Benefits
    1. Lightweight
    2. Easy to use / no tools required
    3. Cosmetically pleasing appearance
  2. Orthotist Benefits
    1. Easy to fabricate / customized fitting
    2. No adjustments required
    3. Reliability / durability
  3. Therapist Benefits
    1. Versatile orthotic / convertible
    2. Improved mobility / independence
    3. Ease of use / simple design
  4. Physicians Benefits
    1. Increased patient acceptance
    2. Improved mobility
    3. Improved rehabilitation / faster recovery
  5.  Technician Benefits
    1. Easy to fabricate
    2. No adjustments
    3. Easy to finish