Transtibial Prosthesis

Three Lock Box, Inc. is proud to announce the new fabrication process for the first ever detachable KO for a Transtibial Prosthesis.  Rafael Barrera, CO and Julie Kean, CPO have co-developed a fabrication process using the patent pending BraceLock and a custom fabricated Knee Orthosis for those requiring a Transtibial Prosthesis.

For the patient: The patient can now choose when to wear a KO and quickly, easily, and simply remove it from the Transtibial Prosthesis.  Using the patent pending BraceLock, the patient with a simple turn of the lock can remove the upper KO section of the brace.  The BraceLock is fabricated on the posterior portion of the Transtibial Prosthesis out of the way minimizing interference to the patient.  Since the BraceLock is fabricated into the lamination or plastic in the prosthesis, it provides an extremely strong joint and support while minimizing the footprint.

For fabricators: The fabrication process for the KO Transtibial Prosthesis is similar to the fabrication of a traditional KAFO with the BraceLock.  The BraceLock must be fabricated into the lamination or plastic of the Transtibial Prosthesis, properly aligned, minimizing the depth of the inlay.

For more information about the BraceLock, click here.