BraceLock Testimonial: Especially Kidz

Marco Antonio González, BS, CSD

Marco González is the Director of Rehabilitation at Especially Kidz Health and Rehabilitation Center in Shelbyville, Indiana, and at Willow Crossing Health and Rehabilitation Center in Columbus, Indiana.     At Especially Kidz, Marco manages the Therapy Staff (OT, PT, ST), all of whom provide services to pediatrics with special needs, such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation, development delay, ventilator dependency, tracheostomy, and contractures in all extremities.  At Especially Kidz, there are 127 residential patients, ranging in age from 10 months to 80 years, 70% of whom have KAFO needs, all of whom are using the BraceLock.

Marco began working with Rafael Barrera after searching for an Orthotist in Columbus to create a cranial helmet.  Rafael later introduced Marco to his innovative device, the BraceLock, used to create a quickly detachable KAFO.  Marco began exclusively using the BraceLock detachable KAFOs at Especially Kidz.

Marco praises the BraceLock:

When a poorly-fitting brace is irritating the skin, these children unfortunately do not realize a wound, skin breakdown, or pressure spot is developing, and nothing is done to prevent further deterioration.  Eighty percent of our patients were developing skin breakdowns and pressure areas from poorly-fabricated devices that were very difficult to remove from their delicate legs.  With the BraceLock and a quickly detachable KAFO, we have eliminated skin breakdowns and pressure areas since the new KAFOs can be easily and quickly removed by our nursing staff, caregivers, and even our patients themselves.

For our younger patients, there are no small parts, pieces, or items to be potential choking hazards.  These particular KAFOs are fabricated with standard materials and have no large or heavy external detachable braces, which can cause several problems.  For ambulatory patients, there is less of a tripping hazard and a decrease in likelihood for falling.

These KAFOs have made a grand improvement, particularly with knee extension, thereby, decreasing further contractures and promoting proper positioning of lower limbs.  They, too, have aided non-weight bearing patients in bearing weight via ankle support.  With the simplified design and no tools needed, our staff is able to quickly and easily implement and remove the KAFO.

We even have one patient with a severe case of Hypertonicity and severe skin irritation.  The BraceLock KAFO is the first orthosis I have seen this patient be able to wear and tolerate.  And now, the patient has eliminated sores and improved muscle development.  It is truly amazing.

With the BraceLock KAFO, we have been able to eliminate skin breakdowns, greatly increase the frequency and duration of wearing the KAFO, and greatly reduce the amount of time and training needed to don and doff the KAFOs.  Best of all, the patients are benefiting greatly.

About Especially Kidz Health and Rehabilitation Center (
Especially Kidz Health and Rehabilitation Center, located in Shelbyville, Indiana, has a proud tradition of caring for children and adults with special mental and physical needs.  We’ve been serving the state of Indiana since 1973 and have earned a reputation for providing an atmosphere that reflects a can-do philosophy.

Our commitment is to help each resident reach his or her fullest potential by providing personal attention in an enriched and loving environment.  The quality of life our residents enjoy is easy to see by the smiles on their faces, which we count as one of the measures of our success.

Services:  Primary Care Services, Respiratory Therapy, Nutritional Support, Individual Programming, and Additional Services.