About Us

The BraceLock is the brainchild of Rafael Barrera - inventor / orthotist / entrepreneur.

Rafael combines his 21 years in orthotics, his love of all things mechanical, and his desire to improve his client's lives and has focused that passion on building a better brace.

His mission?

Build an orthosis that:

  • Hits all the marks - providing stability, mobility, flexibility, and utility.  
  • Improves quality of life. 
    • Returns mobility: Like any orthosis, the point is allowing you to move to the best of your ability.
    • Fosters independence: Orthotics featuring the BraceLock are less bulky, easier to donn and doff. 
    • Builds confidence/Positive Self Image: Faith in one's orthotic builds a more positive self image.
      • Whether you are self conscious about wearing orthotics or want to show off your style, it should be your choice..
      • BraceLock orthotics fit easily under your clothes. No one needs to know they are there.
      • BraceLock orthotics can be customized to suit your unique style. Show off your flair if you want.

Orthosis featuring BraceLock hit those marks and then some.  Keep watching Three Lock Box.  Rafael isn't done yet.

Not by a long shot.